MomoFood Wholesale

Wholesale for Pet Stores

Do you own a pet boutique? Looking for a 100% Canadian made natural pet treat?

MomoFood is looking for a limited number of high quality pet boutiques to parter with across Canada. Our treats are all made fresh by hand in Vancouver Canada and we use only Canadian meats, our packaging is simple and biodegradable. We enjoy clients from all across Canada and we know they would love to have simple better access to our treats in their neighborhoods. To that end we would like to be represented in every province in this great country of ours.

As our product is made fresh to order and by hand, including fresh shopping for each order, we are limited to the number of store shelves we can service. Ideally we would like to be on roughly 15 store shelves across Canada. No BIG box stores please! We are interested in stores that are boutique style small to medium in size.

We do not require any minimum orders and we are always able to customize treats to your location and for your special events. Shipping is done via CanadaPost and is very reasonable at an average of between $12 & $15.

If you would like to discuss wholesale opportunities please contact us via email with the email form below or call us at 1-888-248-1275 fax number is the same. You can download our wholesale catalog from this link. Thank You for your interest!