Why Raw Food


Jag as a kittyThere are many great reasons for you to switch your animals over to Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (AKA the BARF Diet). First and foremost is for their health. Simply put, the RAW diet is designed to get your animal’s health back to a natural state of high performance. Your animal’s body was designed to eat food raw and no other way. Everything else just boils down to fast food, and we all know what even just one month of eating nothing but fast food can do to your system!


One of the biggest things that all commercial dog & cats kibbled and canned foods have in common and are among the unhealthiest of traits to share is grain! Grain is something that our animals would never eat if given a choice. It is very unhealthy for them and is the cause of most Mykey face picallergic reactions. The grains found in most if not all of these commercial foods boil down to filler. They are there so as to make the cost of food less, not for the health of the animal, but to gain more profit for themselves. If any connivers animal were in encounter grains they would be in a pre-masticated form in the stomach contents of an animal. There is some research that suggests that most carnivorous animals do not eat stomach contents of their prey animals. This is not so much the point as it is that they would not eat the grain whole, but pre-masticated. There is a big difference! Pre-masticated would be "chewed" and so the proteins of the grain would be exposed and digestible. Left in there whole form they offer almost nothing other than an artificially full feeling for the animal.

Once your companion animals have been eating a biologically appropriate raw diet for a few weeks you will begin to notice signs of there new found health. These sings will first show as fresh smelling breath, lessened stool size and odor, signs of slimming down (if needed), higher Mykey face picenergy, and the signs of a new healthier shin and coat. Raw Food dogs and cats all have tremendous coats with no odor! You can almost tell what animals are on a raw diet by there beautiful shin and glossy coats. After they have had a couple of months of this diet you will notice there more serious health problems will lesson or go away. You can expect that allergies will get much better or go away. This can take months but it does happen. Mykey (our 17 year old) has suffered from awful skin problems that no vet could seem to cure. On the raw diet these problems are a thing of the past. It was mainly for him that we started all this. As we know you feel about your beast, Mykey is our child, or beloved!



Once you know all the health benefits of raw food for your dog or cat you want to switch them over. There is no doubt that feeding your beast a proper diet of raw food is the best thing you Me & the kidz (Sophie & Jag)could do for their health. You may even find money savings in the far fewer vet visits you need to make due to illness. At MomoFood we strive to make the best raw food! Our kiddies eat this food and we would only give them the best. We hand cut the meat, organ meats, and mix in a great variety of organic fruits and vegetables, bone in, & salmon oil. That makes us one of the most complete recipes out there, anywhere. We also believe in portion controlling. To make this easy for you we offer packaging in Any Size starting at 30 grams and going up. The size you need is the size we will package in. This makes portion controlling as easy as opening a can! Please contact us if you have any other questions on switching to raw.