Mykey, our Sishtzu Maltese

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Mykey came to us in the start of the new year 2000. We had just moved from a "No Pet" building and we were looking forward to being able to have a dog in our family.

While talking to a friends mom, it came up that she knew someone that was looking to find a home for their dog. They had just had a new baby and that baby was allergic to dogs. We immediately said we were very interested and asked if she would pass on our contact information. It was the next day when we got to meet Mykey.

Mykey was and still is a shy dog. When his previous family brought him to meet us Mykey just cowered in a corer. I was sure they would take him away and never return. They did not, and we gained a new family member.

It was shortly after Mykey came to live with us that we noticed he had a rash. This rash was overMykey in his elizabethian collar most of his belly and looked painful and itchy. The more we looked the more of the rash we saw. After taking him to the vet we were advised to start him on a course of antiinflammatories and steroids, plus he needed to be in an elizabethan collar to stop him from getting at his rash. We were also recommended to try a new expensive vet approved dog food, and we did.

Mykey's rash did get better and so we kept giving him his new food from the vet and were happy that the meds did the trick. Unfortunately this was short lived.... His rash came back. The vets new advice was to do more medication and to keep him on the medications if nothing else was working. We were also told we could also try some expensive allergy tests. However the vet said the tests were likely not worth it and we should just try cutting out any chicken from his diet, wash his bedding in sent free soap and so on. We did all these things, but the rash was still around. The vets last word of advice was to keep Mykey on the meds but she also cautioned us that this would poison his liver and eventually kill him. Clearly Unacceptable.

Realizing that we were not getting the answers we needed, we decided to do lots of research and try and find a new path for Mykey. This is when a good friend of ours enlightened us to the concept of raw food for Mykey. To us this seemed like a great idea and something we needed to explore.

As it turned out raw was the answer for Mykey. He is allergic to grain and not chicken or any of the other things we thought. I'm inclined to think Mykey is also allergic to anything overly processed and poor quality..... It took sometime but after 6 months Mykeys rash was gone and gone for good! He immediately saw many benefits to his new food and his energy level sky rocketed. At 18 years old (as of Jan 2007) Mykey has most people thinking he is a puppy not a senior.

MykeyMykey has always been the best companion.  He is quick to show you how much you are missed and is always their to greet you when you come home.  It's a great way to walk in to house at the end of a day.  He's youthful and full of life, a great cuddlier, and loves to gives kisses.  I also think of him as "the good one" since he never gets in to the trouble that Sophie & Jag find themselves in.