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Truly Natural Dog & Cat Treats

Natural Dog and Cat Treats, a term that is often grossly over used and misappropriated. Its almost to the point of being a simple generic term. After all, some dog treat makers use the term even when their products contain large amounts of salt, stabilizers, additives, enhancer's.

At MomoFood we say "Natural Dog & Cat Treats" and we mean it! Our treats often have only one ingredient: Meat, single protein, perfectly natural and tasty. For instance our Beef Jerky Treat is made from 100% Alberta Grade AA Sirloin Beef Roast that we fresh grind and press into jerky shape. No other ingredients needed or wanted.

MomoFood will never use any fillers, attractants, preservatives, salt, sugar, enhancer's, or artificial anything. We make our healthy holistic dog & cat treats to the highest standard with true artisan technique. Our natural dog & cat treats are fresh made in Vancouver BC Canada with fresh local ingredients. What else can we say, we are serious about making completely natural healthy and tasty dog & cat treats.

Our Process

Fresh local ingredients, dehydrated to perfection, natural dog & cat treats. All our natural healthy dog & cat treats are dehydrated rather than baked or smoked. Dehydration removes all the water and leaves behind a pure and naturally shelf stable healthy dog & cat treat. On average it takes four pounds raw meat to produce one pound of dehydrated natural dog & cat treat. Sometimes that goes up to 5/1. This means our treats are power packed high protein! A little goes a long way as it is concentrated. Remember that when you are offering your fuzzy friend our treats. They will beg for more but really, each peace is really 4 times that amount.

Below are just some of the healthy natural organic and holistic dog & cat treats we have on offer. Go through the pages and discover a world of healthy offerings that your dog, cat, or ferret will fall in love with.

Natural Packaging for Natural Dog Treats

All MomoFood Natural Dog & Cat Treats are packaged in 100% Biodegradable Cellulose packaging. This packaging is not only biodegradable it is also compostable! This is because the package is made of cellulose, a plant material from non-rainforest tree farming. Once our packaging is disposed of it will break down rapidly. Our supplier says the shelf life is 6 months, 10 to 30 days when buried. We carry just the one size of cellulose bag and it can accommodate up to 150 grams of dehydrated treat. With orders containing larger weights we will use several bags. For a pound we use 3 bags.

At MomoFood we also reduce our carbon foot print by trying never to use plastic. We deliver all meals and treats to our local clients by bike or transit, use multi use containers, reusable bags, compact Florissant bulbs, compositor, and other environmental initiatives. We are always trying to find ways we can make our natural meals and treats more naturally. We are not perfect but we are trying to reduce our carbon foot print and our clients appreciate it as they too are trying to reduce their carbon foot print.