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MomoFood's Raw (BARF) Cat food recipes are made of 95% Meat & 5% Organic Fruit & Vegetables or 100% Meat. Because of our high protein value our meals are ideal for ferrets. We use only fresh locally purchased meats from grades A, AA, Free Range, Wild Caught, Non Medicated, or Organic. We do not use any grains, fillers, salts, spices, sugars, attractants, artificial colours or preservatives, it is not found in nature it will not be used in any MomoFoods. We make the highest quality biologically appropriate raw food for cats & ferrets found anywhere, our quality is so high that you will be able to clearly see it. Cats are very picky about quality, and cats love our meals!

Cats and ferrets are true carnivores requiring very high protean diets.  Raw food is perfect for all cats and ferrets, regardless of age.  Kittens like infant human children are in the most need of very high quality nutritionally balanced meals.  Starting your kitten out on fresh made raw meals is the best start you can give them in life.  Senior cats are also most in need of high quality biologically appropriate raw meals.  Cats can and should live for 20 years or more.  Given proper raw meals, lots of love, a healthy happy home, and vet care when needed, your companion animal will thrive and live a long and happy life.

Other benefits of eating proper healthy raw meals include: Silky soft shinny coat of fur, no body odour, no foul breath & clean white teeth, nice healthy body weight, improvements in most if not all health issues, elevated happiness (food has a big impact on happiness!), healthy long life, and many many more. 

At MomoFood we make meals specifically for your cat or ferret.  The meals are made fresh to order and in the exact size needed for each meal.  No other raw food is made fresh to order with such attention to detail as we will make for your companion animal.  Home made fresh with love!

At this time we are taking new clients by appointment only. We are not a "typical" dog or cat food store. Think of us more like caterer or chefs for your companion animal. We would love to sit down and talk about how MomoFood can serve the needs of your cat or ferret.
 Please call or email for an appointment.

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