Dried Dog Food

Dehydrated Natural Dog Food

This all started with one of our local clients, a yorkie. Yorkies can be very picky eaters! This little guy is no different. No matter what we tried he did not want raw food but loved our healthy dehydrated treats. His people were desperate to get him on raw and did not want to continue feeding the big box commercial foods they were feeding him (also without much success as he did not want them either).

MomoFood works with our clients and we make our natural holistic dog food fresh to order, and customizable. So we decided that if he liked the natural dog treats why not just take our chef quality raw dog food, grind it up, press into jerky shape, and dehydrate. Presto, our client loved it. For the first time in his life he started eating regularly and eagerly.

Now our dehydrated natural gourmet dog food is available to all our clients. This is the first of our healthy dog foods that are fully shippable all across Canada and without any special considerations. Because this is the dehydrated version of our gourmet dog food it is shelf stable and does not require any refrigeration.  It is made fresh to order and can be easily mailed by any level of service you choose during checkout. 

Dehydrated Food Portions

The dehydrated meals start 3000 grams raw food. We than dehydrate that and it produces a jerky style food that is approximately 750 to 900 grams in weight. To make things easy we will package every meal separately as we do for our raw meals. So you will receive 30 individual packages of healthy dog food approximately 30 grams in weight after dehydration. Like our all natural raw dog foods we will package each meal to the amount required by your dog. So if your dog eats 150 grams raw per meal we can make 30 packages of dehydrated premium food that would be the equivalent of those meal sizes, but dehydrated.

Small & Medium Breed Natural Dog Food

This recipe of dehydrated food is best for small and medium breed dogs.