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Chef Quality Raw Food for your Dog Cat or Ferret.

MomoFood makes fresh high quality biologically appropriate raw food, also know as the BARF or RAW diet. Our healthy holistic raw dog & cat food is prepared fresh to order for our clients and is fully customizable in every way.

The raw diet for cats & dogs is a diet that is meant to be as natural a pet food as possible. It is high protein, low fat (no saturated fats only raw healthy fats), organs, bone, and a bit of fruits & vegetables. The ideal of this natural dog and cat food is to reproduce what their bodies have evolved to eat, what they would naturally eat. Dogs and cats do exceptionally well on a raw food diet! Our own kids Sophie (our pug) and Jag (our bengal cat) have been on our natural raw diet for all their lives. Both after 7 years and counting are in exceptional health and are energetic, lean, youthful, soft to the touch and otherwise perfect. It is for them we make these healthy holistic raw dog & cat foods and natural treats.

Because we do not mass produce natural dog & cat food but rather make it fresh, we can customize to your particular needs. The vast majority of our clients require only portion size customization as we package in any size that makes up a meal for your furry family member. But package size is not all we can do. We are best know for our our ability to work around allergies, sensitivities, particular tastes, and many other things. We are chefs for your Dog, Cat, or Ferret.

MomoFood can only serve a certain number of clients for our fresh healthy holistic raw dog & cat foods as they time and labor intensive to produce. Currently we are still able to take on new clients. If you are interested in discussing our services please contact us.

Generally our meals go as follows:

  1. BIG Breed Raw Natural Dog food is a 75% meat/organ/bone & 25% fresh seasonal fruit and vegetable mix. Generally big breed food is packaged in portions of 454 grams or more.
  2. Small/Medium Breed Raw Natural Dog food is a 85% meat/organ/bone & 15% fresh seasonal fruit and vegetable mix. Generally small & medium breed dog food is packaged from 50 grams to 300 grams.
  3. Raw Natural Cat/Ferret food is a 95% meat/organ/bone & 5% fresh seasonal fruit and vegetable mix. Generally cat or ferret food is package from 100 grams to 200 grams.

We work directly with our clients. Whenever you have questions, whenever you require assistance MomoFood is here.

The Highest Quality Freshest Ingredients

If only the butcher knew what the meat was being used for he might just cry.

Fresh cut chunks of lamb. This is not the idealized lamb MomoFood uses in our natural dog and cat foods, this is the ACTUAL lamb we use. Clearly high quality.Perhaps that's not true but we say it to make a point. MomoFood uses only fresh extremely high quality meats for our all natural dog & cat meals and treats. We use meats from grades A, AA, AAA, free range, organic, or wild caught. We shop all over Vancouver at local markets and we buy our meats from many of the same sources as some of Vancouver's best restaurants.

When we make chicken meals or treats we use fresh whole birds. Beef meals and treats are made from bottom round roast, top round roast, and sirloin roast. Pork meals and treats are made from tenderloin roast. And so it goes.... Only the best meats and cuts are used for any of our meals or treats. For the most part people often don't eat as good. Clearly our clients are proud to say their companion animal eats extremely well!

Special Needs, No Problem

We have created whole new lines of meals and treats for clients with kidney disease. Low protein, ultra low phosphorus. Because our meals are made to order we can serve particular needs even if that means doing things in a completely new way.